Mrs. Sheeba Johnson M.Sc., B.Ed.,M.Phil.

Senior Secondary Co-ordinator

She exercises her leadership skills by playing the role of Senior Secondary Teacher Co-ordinator and remarkably contributed to the administrative duties of Senior Secondary. She has strong ability to identify, address and resolve students’ issues. Sheremains sensitive to children’s specific needs and enhances their social and emotional skills.

She creates effective lesson plansto break down complex learning into simple parts for better understanding. She fosters a cohesive student learningatmosphere. She accomplishes a challenging task of producing outstanding result in her 18 years of teaching experience.

Mrs. SinduBabu M.A., B.Ed.

Secondary Co-ordinator

She creates interest of learning Sanskrit among students and provides avenues for students to learn a traditional language. She has Mastered GeetaSlokas and motivates students to participate in chanting Bhagavad Geeta

She retains the significance of Sanskrit language in her world of teaching and indeed has a great pride in teaching the language. Her comfort in the language makes her prepare the best assessment paper

Mrs. A.C.Leena B.Sc., B.Ed.

Upper Primary Co-ordinator

She is a very passionate teacher and teaches Mathematics with vast experience.She was awarded the “Best Teacher” in the Year 2013 by Central Cluster of CSSC Chennai. She believes in the paradigm of teaching by motivating the students and creating a Student-friendly environment, thereby enjoys a great rapport amongst the students. She is a willing participant in all training programmes and workshops related to mathematics and gained knowledge.

She is a good organizer and has involved herself in all extracurricular activities. Her soft nature, humbleness and caring attitude have earned her a great deal of respect amongst the colleagues

Mrs. Sivakami MCA., B.Ed.

Primary Co-ordinator

She ventures creative teaching strategies and inspires her colleagues to exercise the same in the class rooms. She loves learning and exhibits interest in practicing latest technology in teaching. She was awarded the “BEST TEACHER” in the Year 2019-20 by The International Association of Lions Club in recognition of her valuable service rendered to the field of Education.

She has been in school education for a decade by assuming the role of a teacher, coordinator with great interest and participant.

Mrs.R.Chitra B. Sc. Dip.In montessori.

KG Co-ordinator

Chitra, a Montessori trained KG teacher working in this field for closer to a decade. A highly talented and dedicated guru with innovative teaching skills. She trains kids in an efficient manner and is a recipient of CBSE cluster award for best teaching. She is a good team member and a good organiser

Mrs. S. VASUMATHI M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil.

Exam Dept Co-ordinator

She has started her teaching career in the year 1993 and has 20 years of experience in State and
Central boards.Her motto is to inculcate moral and ethical values in the minds of young through her

She kindles the young minds to be aware of environmental hazards. She initiates stimulating
classroom discussion and engages students of all level. Her teaching style is appreciable as she lets the students to explore themselves and discuss in the class.