Shree Narayana Mission Senior Secondary School (SNMSSS) focuses on providing student with not just subject knowledge but  practical skills and opportunities to prosper in future careers. The educational philosophy of the school supports the curricular framework of subjects. The school has developed a sequential curriculum from LKG to Grade VIII, structured to build on the fundamental concepts of the previous year, consequently preparing the students for the subsequent level ahead. The school ensures that not only foundation is strong but a deeper and practical understanding of the subjects is also there.

The school offers academic programme designed by Central board of Secondary Education. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of the most prestigious and preferred educational boards in India which aims to provide holistic and healthy education to all its learners so that students can get adequate space to develop mentally and physically. CBSE Board is known for its comprehensive syllabus and well-structured exam pattern which helps students to get a detailed idea about the entire curriculum


The school focuses on laying a strong foundation for the coming years by encouraging curiosity-driven learning. The process of learning is prioritized over the outcome. Our primary focus is on igniting a child’s thought processes by providing daily opportunities to explore and engage with their senses, encouraging tactile experiences.

Most activities are child-centered and involve a plethora of child-initiated, fun, highly engaging, and novel experiences. This not only fosters curiosity and cognitive thinking but also boosts confidence. The CBSE Board School curriculum is meticulously crafted by experts in the field of early years’ education and remains highly relevant to the present, enabling children to become confident, independent, and creative thinkers.