The School believes that the concept of Clubs is seen as an opportunity for adaptation to life in the group, forming good life long habits, unveiling latent talents and cultivating a harmonious team spirit. Club activities supplement academics and extracurricular activities that give the students practical training which they require in day-to-day life. Students participation in these activities help them develop leadership qualities, build self-confidence and team spirit, augment group dynamics, healthy competitive spirit and indirectly prepares them for a bold future.

The school provides fairly wide range of activities and parents are required to encourage their children to participate in any one Club as mentioned below:


The primary aim of this club is to enable students to develop confidence in using English and make them enjoy the learning process. The activities are designed to develop vocabulary, fluency in the language, familiarise learners with linguistic expressions, to develop linguistic competence, sharpen creativity and trigger logical thinking. These activities are meant for the students at primary, secondary as well as senior secondary level.


The school has an active mathematics club. The club helps to improve and bring out the hidden mathematical talents of the students and to promote an active enthusiasm and interest in mathematics among the students. The club members are provided with the opportunity to apply and improve math skills by participating in math competitions and learning circles. STEM programmes are also involved here as these provide an effective platform for development.


The Science Club is the dearest club of the young scientists of the school. It is a place where a whole lot of critical, analytical, technical, and scientific dialogue takes place. Various experiments are conducted by the enthusiastic members of the club. Theories are practiced and the quest to know the unknown is quenched. The coordination between the classroom and the science clubs helps students to complete their curriculum in a subtle way. Science clubs are sometimes considered as the backbones of the curricular activities in the school.


Every child is an artist and at Shree Narayana Mission Senior Secondary School, we let them unleash their creativity at our vibrant Arts Club. The students are introduced to an array of artistic pursuits and encouraged to indulge in ones that interest them. At the Arts Club they explore the world of colours and understand the possibilities of forms and shapes. The club promotes creation of innovative artifacts through available material.