The curriculum at SNMSSS has been designed using the highest of standards in terms of overall development of the child. The students are trained for phenomenal performance, remarkable achievements and disciplined mannerisms that ensure admissions with top global universities. The academic curriculum of CBSE Secondary School, provides a bouquet of subjects across the board for the students to pursue their interest and passion and define their future education and career path.

The curriculum provides ample scope for physical, Intellectual and social development of students. The curriculum helps develop innovative minds and deeply engaging academics to prepare for all competitive exams. Presentations, JAM, debates, speeches, research-based activities, creative writing are just some of the ways through which the classroom sessions take place. All efforts are taken for an overall intellectual psychological and social growth of the students.

Emphasis on Co –Curricular activities

SNMSSS believes in holistic development and thus emphasizes on co-curricular activities. Co-curricular activities in school are compulsory till class VIII and students have to enroll for either Music, Dance, Karate, Chess or Silambam classes that take place during the day . Others activities could be voluntary taken , such as participating in a school sports team, school debating teams,  quiz , elocution or different clubs available in SNMSSS. In either case, participation helps students in emotional development, social skill development, and overall personality development. Therefore, the focus on co-curricular activities is immense.


Shree Narayana mission provides a complete course of studies in preparing students of Classes XI & XII for the Centre Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The following choices of subjects are offered to encourage high academic standards to develop competent, confident and enterprising students. 


  • Group I)  Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology / Computer Science
  • Group II) Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Applied Maths/ Marketing
  • Group III)  History, Economics, Psychology, Applied Maths / Legal Studies

“English core is compulsory for all groups”.

Subject experts groom the students in SNMSSS. These subject experts boundlessly contribute their expertise to teach the hard-core topics in all subjects. They create an engaging environment to learn tough concepts and apply the same at ease. The students are motivated to focus on extra-curricular activities, talent search contests, Olympiads, debates and other contest (both regional & national). Towards the end, SNMSSS assist their students in all possible way for life after SNSMSSS.