Sri A.M. Gopalan


Sri A M Gopalan(popularly known as Gokulam Gopalan), a business legend, has shown the world the importance of leading a humble and socially committed life. Born in a small village near Vadakara in Kerala, Mr. Gopalan values the need for quality education more than anything else in this world and has over the years been responsible for developing top quality educational institutes across the world. Today these educational institutions stand out from the rest for their quality of education as well as the value system that they include to create responsible citizens for tomorrow. These institutions are silently bringing a revolutionary change in the education sector of the state.

A devoted follower of Sree Narayana Guru, his main message has always been that “education is wealth”.

Sri Vijayan Udayakumar

Vice President

Sri. Deepak Devarajan


Sri T D Rajan


Dr K R Dhilsha

Committee Member

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